[RE] GENERATION: announcing a pop-up art show

On July 2nd, 2021, an exhibition of 16 artist will be opening at two gallery spaces in Munich. The primary space is Knust + Kunz Editions, and the second Galerie Daniel Blau. The exhibition, titled [RE] GENERATION features a diverse range of artists from different disciplines, different parts of the world and different takes on life. What they all have in common is that they are very talented and unique and that they inspire new and positive ways of looking at the world. The pop-up show, organized by me, Hans, is meant to showcase their work and hopefully support them financially as well. A part of the gallerists’s share from the sales, would generously be dedicated to this project, the [Re] generator. With these funds, I hope to work towards opening the first physical space for the “creative citizens’ assembly” problem-solving approach. Many thanks to Daniel Blau, Matthias Kunz, Sabine Knust and the entire gallery staffs for their generous collaboration. Reproduced below is the invite, but for those of you unable to attend physically, please take a look at the online showroom, once it launches on July 2nd.